Drawing characters is my Toontown. It’s a world where you can do whatever you want: be my guest to eat a whole watermelon with just one bite, be a laboratory mice that wants to conquer the world every night or just a coward dog capable to defend your owners from evil creatures. I like to think that humor can help people to tell their stories and create a sense of lightness to life. For that reason, as an illustrator and art educator, I chase FUN + MAGIC, especially through characters. During my years as an illustrator, I’ve been working mainly with children’s books, games, and animation. As you might have guessed, my two main sources of inspiration are cartoons and books - is where everything began and still rolling. What I love the most in both is the same reason I do art: it’s a place where anything is possible, even when things go wrong. If we look closer, we’re not so different from Coyote after being smashed a hundred times by an anvil: things can go out of track and have unpredictable outcomes, but it’s nice to know that we’re capable to learn and rise stronger. But let’s avoid being under anvils, just in case.
I am a Brazilian illustrator based in Toronto, Canada and represented by Bright Agency. I’m specialized in illustrations for kids, mostly designing characters. 

Above you can check some great art publications my work have been published!

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