A new book for Fourfifty (Rhapsody), showcasing the work of 33 local artists - carefully created as a welcoming gift for new residents.
The "450 Collection" book serves as a visual inspiration for the abundant artistry housed within the expansive Fourfifty building across 4 different locations. To highlight that four distinct patterns were created - each derived from the Fourfifty icon and the corresponding letters linked to each location. The creative solution shows that the brand is artsy and bold, just like the artists it features.
The book is an invitation to explore unique art and discover the creative side of the place. While the intention is to promote the artists we also add a sneak peek of the art inside the Fourfifty building. To bring a wider experience, the book works with the building's app to make things interactive. You can use it to reveal hidden art just pointing to the exclusive qrcode/pattern and share it on social media. You can also find a map where the art is located in the building and go see it in person.

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