A brand identity for Koomacka, a TV series that draws inspiration from the enchanting realm of Guyanese Tree of Life narratives.
This series unfolds through a combination of live-action and 2D animation across 10 episodes, encompassing captivating themes such as intergenerational bonds and ancestral wisdom. The brand identity is a manifestation of the initial visual concepts for the show - mainly as a pitch for streaming companies and a variety of partners. Central to this identity are three key components: the logo, “Color Spirits (AKONO) + Full Moon," and the Tree of Life (Koomacka).
"Koomacka" weaves its tale through the interplay of folk stories and dialogues shared between a young boy and his cherished Guyanese grandfather. Amidst this tapestry of storytelling, under the full moon, characters establish a connection with the Color Spirits, known as AKONO. These ethereal entities, characterized by their celestial nature and graceful movements, are fashioned from the very air and motion that surrounds us.
The creation of AKONO was inspired by the fluid elegance of clouds and the traditional dance forms of Indigenous Guyanese Peoples. Even though these spirits are not human, it was important to bring a connection - their movements are familiar to our movements. Over time, these lines of action come alive through animation, in a perpetual state of transformation.
Rooted in the Koomacka Tree, the Color Spirits emerge, sharing their fruits with the Earth. This Tree, carefully conceived for its initial purpose, is adorned with an array of diverse fruits, each resonating with the radiant hues of the AKONO. The shared rainbow palette unites these two elements, creating a harmonious visual representation.

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