Debut album packaging for the Brazilian singer-songwriter Milton Neto.
The album, titled "Céu" (Sky), blends MPB with acoustic folk and pop surf music, inspired by the scenic beaches of the south of Brazil, known for their fishing communities and simple lifestyle.
At its core, the album celebrates being inspired by nature, so this feeling is brought up with the design package. The cover merges graphics with the artist's face, evoking a personal  elements of the lyrics in an imaginative composition. The same happens with the typography - the "EU" means "I". The chosen color palette pays homage to the local architecture, creating an intimate look and feel.
The lyrics book showcases a pattern of seagulls flying in a V-shaped formation against an energetic yellow, balancing with the calmness of the blue cover. As a multi-sensorial experience, a transparent record symbolizes the sky's essence, inviting listeners to pause and gaze upward. This addition embodies the album's theme of embracing change and rediscovering a childlike wonder by finding elements in the sky.

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